Forever Go Blue, Interview with Creative Content Producer for MLB

Internships allow you then opportunity to learn and connect with people. Not everyone always takes advantage of the connecting with people part though, but I do. For my second interview I talked to a Michigan alumnus. She was willing to connect with me because fellow wolverines are always enthusiastic to support each other. Moreover, while she was in college she followed a similar path as to the one I am on now. Ms. Lynch knew she wanted to work with sports in some capacity so she pursued a degree in Sport Management. Following her junior year is college she interned with the Rockland Boulders (where I am currently employed) and now works as the Creative Content Producer for MLB Advanced Media. Due to these numerous commonalities she was excited to talk to me and to hear about the Boulders business now.

Ms. Lynch explained to me that she did not always know what she wanted to do. She enjoyed PR and media so wanted to incorporate that into her work but originally did not see how or where to do this. She let me know that it is okay to not know exactly what you want to do. It was also very comforting to hear her talk about working in a predominantly male field as a woman. While this can be intimidating it never discouraged her. Especially in her side of the business doing graphic design and social media she explained it was not something to worry about, it was very inclusive in her department.

Coming out of my conversation with Ms. Lynch I was much more relaxed, knowing I do not have to have my entire life figured out. This makes me comfortable taking a broader range of classes in school to really help me discover what makes me happy and what I want to pursue. It was also nice hearing from a woman in the field because I constantly hear about how the sports industry is a men’s only club. Ms. Lynch brought it more into prospective for me, it is only a men’s only club if you let it be.

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