International Films @ TCFF and Why You Should Watch Them! |#3

With this year’s Film Festival focused on community engagement, the 2017 TCFF had a wide array of excellent international shorts and features!

Although Traverse City was unable to welcome many filmmakers due to the U.S. travel ban, film-goers were able to learn more about these people and where they come from just by watching their movies. By having the opportunity to view these international, thought-provoking films, it really goes to show how important diverse stories are to understanding the human experience and the different cultures in which we all come from.

Luckily, I had a chance to project and watch some of the shorts on the big screen. Among all the great stories, these were some of my favorite!!

Mare Nostrum (Rana Kazkaz & Anas Khalaf, 2016): In a time where refugees are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea , this story is about a father who teaches his daughter how to swim so she can survive her own escape.

Retouch (Kaveh Mazaheri, 2017): When an Iranian woman is faced with a choice to save her abusive husband’s life, what will she do?

Viola, Franca (Marta Savina, 2017):When Franca is forced to marry her rapist, she rebels against the law and sets a precedent that not only alters the course of Italian history, but paves the way for women’s rights.

And So We Put The Goldfish In The Pool (Makoto Nagahisa, 2017): This Japanese film tells the true story of a group of friends that dump 400 fish in their high school’s pool.


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