Managing Expectations | Blog #3

I’m someone who enjoys the special kind of stress that comes of being busy with work, but work that I’m passionate about doing. I’m passionate about museums, and I was ready to start with guns blazing and rubber squealing on asphalt. I was ready to hit the ground running, and knock it out of the park. The realization that I should learn to better manage my expectations has been a tough one to accept. While so many other interns have been able to speak at length about the various projects their supervisors have enlisted their help in – and I’m genuinely happy to hear about every detail – I have not been so fortunate. I’m not one to compare myself with other people (“I’m my own competition” and all that), but i feel a bit of jealousy in regards to all the work they have that I don’t. I’m not charged with doing a lot of daily tasks (though, admittedly, on the nights I’m supposed to work an event, my situation is, luckily, exactly the opposite). After the first couple of weeks checking in with my supervisor and making sure she was aware of my various talents (sorry if I’m being a little self-indulgent), my gut told me to leave it alone and occupy myself with other things. I did almost everything else I could do and handled my supervisor’s work as it came, but it didn’t feel nearly as romantic a circumstance as I envisioned every internship could be. During my most recent conversation with my supervisor, I meant to express my interest in coming back in a few months after my early graduation, and in response I was met with, among other things, a heartfelt thank-you for being able to work independently and taking care of assignments simply as they came (and not “nagging”). While I had become somewhat disillusioned with my internship over the course of almost two months, I was thankful to find that a relationship I perceived as potentially negative instead turned out to be the best our specific circumstances. Everyone’s internship is different, and that’s ok.

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