Music Rights 101 #1

So one of my first major tasks during my internship with the TEAM has been to assist in the securing of music rights for the TEAM’s upcoming concert Primer for a Failed Superpower. This involves acquiring the proper licensing rights for the show in order to make use of the music in the show. In order to do this we had to research publishers for each of the songs using the ASCAP or BMI music repertories, which listed a plethora of songs and the publishers that hold the rights to those pieces. With the help of my supervisor I learned a lot about copyright, and why we needed to get the rights we needed. In this process you realize that their are a lot of people you have to go through for some pieces and some pieces are extremely simple. It was valuable to learn about the proper way to send music rights request, and how to follow up with the process. You also learn that these attaining these rights takes time, and its best to acquire them as early as possible.  The main thing is to be as focused as possible in attaining them for the needs of the project!

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