Outreach Work

I spent the last week working very close with the outreach manager. We have worked on reaching out to various members in the community to gain support and involvement through phone calls and flyers. I was recently given the unusual task of walking around our building going from office to office passing out flyers to our neighbors. While this was a little intimidating at first, I actually really enjoyed the experience. Everyone I spoke to was very receptive and interested in what the foundation was about. I also found it very enjoyable to explore areas of our building that I had not been before.

Additionally, I have been making more phone calls lately. I was given a lengthy list of people that have been involved in the organization in the past but have not been active throughout the past year. Calling this list of people has proven to be a very interesting experience because while some are very happy to hear from me, some have no idea what the JDRF is and hang up immediately. While this can sometimes be discouraging I am always reminded that these calls are worthwhile when someone is overjoyed to hear from me and immediately registers for our next event. As this internship is starting to come to an end I have also been reflecting on the relationships I have made these last few weeks. I have made some very meaningful friendships and this organization has introduced me to some incredible individuals that I plan on keeping in touch with. I am very grateful to be in their company and I look forward to seeing how we can collaborate together in the future.

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