Special Duty | #2

As my experience at Servant Systems grows, so does my supervisors’ trust in my ability. As such, I am given new responsibilities and obstacles to face every week. Primarily, I am tasked with supporting our software engineer that services our customer’s needs in the late night, specifically after normal working hours. While I don’t have to suffer the overnight shift like that one employee, I do have to communicate with, work for, and represent him during the day, when he is normally asleep. This has been a great obstacle, and generally requires me setting a large part of my day to replying to and fulfilling his requests. This has put to test my skills as a communicator, my reliability as a worker, and my productivity as an independent developer. All these together have made my experience at Servant Systems much more immersive, which is both exciting and stressful.

Beyond this new obstacle, I also face cultural and social obstacles. The large majority of the company, which has fewer than 30 employees, are much older than I. As typical of software engineers in the modern day, many of them come from different backgrounds, although the majority are unified by an education in computer science. Age, faith, hobbies, and family all are factors that either unite or differentiate the work force. While this is not particularly difficult to handle or reconcile, it has produced a new experience for me in navigating the casual interaction between me and my coworkers. It has been incredibly interesting to see this play out, and made my internship feel like less of a job and more of an opportunity every day.

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