#6 – Connecting studies

It is nearing the end of my internship, and it’s been a steep learning curve. I had hoped to get exposure to the fields I would be working in after graduation. As an intended Business major, I was hoping to have a more focus on Business to gain a sense of direction on what a future in the field would consist of. The experience solidified my decision to major in Business, and to explore my interest in finance.

In my internship experience, the main highlight was the financial modelings. I particularly enjoyed exploring the various factors to be considered, and how they are interconnected together. I started to develop a newfound interest in it and want to explore this academically in the future. I plan on taking a finance course next semester, where I can formally learn the concepts behind financial modelling and its complete practicality. I also plan to partake in clubs on campus to explore my inclination towards finance.

I did not particularly enjoy the market research, although I do value the importance of the insights I got from it. However, sorting through secondary research to find relevant information and to collate it into a professional research report format was an arduous and monotonous task at times.

I hope that the experience I have gained at this internship will support my academic pursuits at the University of Michigan in order to discover and becoming skilled at my passion.

Vinita C

As a Business major with minors in Economics and Computer Science, I'm fascinated with how the technology-business world works and what makes one tech company more successful than another.

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