A Day in the Life | #3

7:00 am: Alarm rings. Snooze it a few times

7:30 am: Force myself out of bed to get ready in the bathroom and pick out my outfit

7:50 am: Quick breakfast- either cereal or fruit

8:05 am: Leave my apartment. Head down the elevator and out the door to the tram station across the street

8:15 am: Hop on the tram. Ride it to Central station. The ride is about 10 minutes and Australia is 14 hours ahead of Ann Arbor, so I usually call my friends/family during this time to catch up (as it is 6:15 pm their local time)

8:25 am: Hop off tram and wade through masses of people in the train station to get to platform 16, headed to North Sydney

8:30 am: Hop on the train (or wait a few minutes for a train that looks less busy, they come every 3 minutes!) While riding the train, call/text other friends and family members

8:45 am: Get off the train at North Sydney. If I didn’t pack a lunch that day or have a need for some coffee, I’ll do some quick shopping at the grocery store directly next to my work


8:55 am: Ride the elevator to 8th floor, greet everyone in the office good morning and head to my desk.

9:00 am ~12:30 pm: Work on spreadsheets and other necessary excel documents

12:30- 1:30 pm: Head off to lunch. Usually, I’ll grab a quick bite to eat and do some shopping at the mall across the street. On Tuesdays, we go play soccer and then grab lunch



1:30-5:00 pm: Back to spreadsheets and excel files. Once 5pm rolls around, I pack up, say my goodbyes, and head home for the day

5:10-5:45 pm: Head to train station and take the T1 back to central station and then the tram to my apartment building.

5:45 – bedtime: Spend the evening either relaxing, exercising, making dinner, or exploring the city!




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