When it comes to developing relationships, the media industry is no stranger. No matter a buyer, a seller, a planner, etc., building and maintaining relationships is the key to success. Although the industry may seem very large, it is much smaller than it appears.

Due to the fact that as buyers, we are speaking to clients and sales reps multiple times a day, it is important to develop trust in one another. If your rep helps you out one week, it is only fair that you help them out if they need it, the next. Not only is it important to keep up this trust for the clients sake, but for your own as well. This industry is one with a lot of mobility, moving individuals around from different departments and agencies constantly. You never know who you will be working with further down the line, putting it in your best interest to keep things in good graces.

Along with maintaining these relationships industry wide, some of the most important I have learned to create, are with those within your department. Not only for work purposes, but for fun as well. I have learned this summer especially, that creating an inclusive and entertaining work environment makes for more productive and efficient work days. It also makes me excited to get up and head to work in the morning, which is all that I can ask for in a career.

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