Youth Empowerment | #4

Working on projects such as the Big House Program that are based on issues of social justice has only encouraged me to think more about issues of inequality and how they can be tackled. One of my personal goals is to look into more places I can volunteer during the upcoming school year as well as thinking of different projects I can start! As I plan to go into Health Management & Policy for my future career, one of my personal goals is to help diminish health disparities. No matter what I do, whether it’s personal, academic, or career focused, and even if it’s now or next year, I will never give up my work in social justice. I love working with youth because I feel that anything they set their heart and mind to is possible, they just have to believe it for themselves. I want to encourage our future generations to think more critically about everything and to not shy away from conversations about politics, economy, and health. Instead, I want their voices in those conversations. Empowering youth is such an amazing and rewarding experience, and I plan to continue to motivate them and other underrepresented groups for as long as I can.

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