Changes | #4

Spending almost 6 months in South America has taught me more than a language. I have learned that I have changed and the cities around me have changed as well.

This week, I went to the office and received a surprise. The last four weeks seemed pretty routine. While working on my first piece on Tuesday, we were called into the break room. We were told that the office will now be in a different neighborhood, which means I will have to travel farther to work in the mornings.

As if that wasn’t enough, my manager announced that he knew for another a month that he wasn’t going to stay in Buenos Aires. He is going back to school in the US, and he would be leaving this weekend. Since I work remotely on Thursday and Friday, I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye before his departure on Saturday. He is also the one who gave us the address for the new office, and it happened to be wrong, coincidentally.

The lone cannon on the wall of the main entrance to the Historic District of Colonia del Sacramento.

It was a lot of change for just one week. I had a vacation to Uruguay planned before I even came back. I have visited the quiet, little town of Colonia Del Sacramento in Uruguay. The little town is welcoming as well as interesting. I fall in love with it every time I visit.

I changed a lot of the details I did for traveling and saved a lot of money. I spent two days in this small town and walked to every corner possible. The popular street food, el chivito, was not my favorite, but I did enjoy the milanesa de carne. It was HUGE, twice the size of the sandwich bread it came on.

I would say I’ve enjoyed Colonia and Buenos Aires more because I’ve been looking for the differences and changes since I no longer and the average tourist. I’m sure if I come back and do the same trips, I will find more buildings that have been erected, more construction work completed, and different issues being protested.

As I think about my return to the US in less than two weeks, I imagine the University of Michigan, my hometown, and my friends and family have all gone through some transformations themselves. I can’t wait to hear stories and see how my time spent here will impact my future.

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