I always find working in a team setting to be difficult, especially when the tasks to work on is vague and requires tons of brainstorming and research. I was put into a team of three people and the projects were among the first in similar fields—to create a more systematic approach to categorize and analyze the current Chinese private ABS market types. After the initial search, there were no related information regarding this issue throughout the internet; therefore, the three of us have to collect useful information to back our models while forming a consensus of every details. It was really challenging because 90% of the time, each of us has different opinions on the same piece of information. For the first half of the project, we could spend 5 hours on the same topic trying to convince each other. To me, each person contributes to a valuable part of the project and all ideas are appreciated and have useful messages in their places. I then came up with a solution to this issue—taking all of our ideas and opinions together and to convince the other two people with detailed analysis and description. If they still disagreed with the things proposed by the other, I would politely ask them to wait until the other person has analyzed the results and then all of us could decide on whether the idea was valid enough for the project. I created a shared google document for all of us to record notes of agreements and/or disagreements so that we can track our thoughts and show to our supervisor, who will ultimately make the final decision.

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