Mid-Point Check-In- Blog 4

My first tangible goal was to complete the intern project that was given to me with flying colors. I have been working on this project almost the entire summer and I have begun to see great results. While I am due to present the project to the higher-ups this coming week, I have gotten great feedback from my supervisors thus far. I have really put the extra effort into my work, so it has been very nice to hear some praise and receive recognition for my efforts. I can only hope for a similar response from the higher executives that will also review my work soon. In terms of my more general goal of expanding my professional network, I have made an effort to seek out contacts in departments outside of the one I am assigned to. I have done two separate rotations in two different departments, in product development, and creative, and I have made a point to try and connect and develop professional relationships with the people I am working for and with. I think I have done a good job trying to expand my network, but there is always room to meet and connect with more people. I only hope to continue my good work the last few weeks of my internship.

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