My Project #4

A few weeks ago, I was tasked with the assignment by my team leader to make a presentation on everything I have learned about the area of the business that I work in, which is Appraisals.  (If you didn’t know, Appraisals are basically inspections done on homes to determine how much they are worth, but there is a lot more that goes into it on our end as a title company). In addition, she told me to invite all of senior leadership of Appraisals (the VP, the Directors and the COO).

After shadowing almost every role involved within Appraisals, I put together a presentation that represented what I had learned, including process maps that I made and ideas on how to improve these processes. Then having been working on it for two weeks, I finally presented it to the Appraisals leaders, and it went extremely well!

I was nervous going into it because I knew I was presenting to important people in the business, and I was going to be talking about Appraisals, which they are experts on; any small discrepancy they would catch. Some of my nerves were relieved because the COO was not there at the beginning of the presentation, however, he rolled in on his hoverboard about halfway through.

At the end of the presentation there was a lot of discussion about the ideas I proposed to improve some of our processes within appraisals. Which resulted in 4/5 of the ideas I proposed are being implemented (the fifth one was already in the works of being solved), and getting assigned my own project to work on as a Continuous Improvement Analyst. I am very happy to have had this opportunity, and to have it go so well.

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