On Empowerment | #3

Describe Investopedia in one word: Empowerment.

God, I know there is still one month to go till the end of my internships, but I am missing Investopedia already! (I know, cries.)

First thing first, I keep telling all of my friends how happy and fortunate I am to be able to intern at Investopedia over this summer as I enjoy every single bit of my time working along with all these incredibly talented and selfless souls. On top of that, I am fortunate enough to learn (from) and work with great mentors like Melanie (Product Manager) and Greg (Vice President, Investopedia Academy). My biggest takeaway from Melanie and Greg is that GREAT LEADERS ALWAYS EMPOWER THEIR FOLLOWERS. And, I will break it down into several components:

1. Great User-Onboarding Experience.

Greg always grab time to walk me through all of the important details (an hour meeting) before assigning a new task. On top of that, I really like how he challenges us to ask questions all the time.

2. Test & Run.

I will then execute the task and present my work to my supervisor (make sure we are all on the same page). Then, I am good to go.

3. Empowerment

When issues arise and nobody understand what the problem is, I am able to take initiatives and ask co-workers from different departments to have a better understanding of the problems. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work at such a badass, awesome company where behavior like this (taking initiatives) are rewarded.

On Diversity:

I was kinda anxious before starting this internship due to my identity as a foreigner/ international student. And, I am so grateful for all the amazing experience at Investopedia because everyone is so understanding and constantly trying to help you do better at your job. They didn’t treat me differently because I am a foreigner. I really appreciate that.

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