Staying Engaged | #4

As my internship wraps up, I’ve come to realize that sometimes the work can be mundane and tedious. At the University of Michigan, I’ve always had work to do, classes to take, clubs to attend to. Now, in my internship, the routine tasks of each day were starting to get to me. In order to offset these feelings, I took on additional responsibility within my department. Project management needed a new portal and website to access files and projects quickly and efficiently. I ended up creating a google website for the global project management department spanning across five offices. Although this was additional work, I was allowed to express my creativity and had fun experimenting with the website. By taking on more work and having fun with my internship, I completed my tasks more efficiently and effectively. As my internship wraps up, I’m excited to bring my skills I have learned at ERT to my academic and personal life at Michigan.

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