Vision A Vision

This internship truly give me a mixed feeling regarding my career path. I really enjoy working in the company and with the owners and supervisors. The things I learn and accomplish during the internship are so valuable and vital to me since it is my first internship. I have always been passionate about learning new things and applying them to reality. This is like the center of my career pursuit—as long as it is a career that can constantly challenge me to learn, to update my knowledge, and to apply, then it is a perfect career for me since I am a quick learner and can adjust my strategy and approach promptly. This internship solidifies my interest in data analysis and consulting-related works. After some practices in processing and analyzing data in the project, I feel really inspired and challenged in a content and exciting way. I won’t get tired while doing these. And it feels so awesome to be able to show the results to others. When I was able to exhibit the result and to convince other by the data, numbers, graphs, etc., it gave a profound feeling of achievement. On the other hand, the internship also give me a second thought on which career path to choose. Originally, I thought finance was not for me, and I wanted to go into consulting or statistics. But now, I think finance can be another career path to seek. Academically, I wish to continue learning data analysis, and plan to incorporate more business-related materials. This internship also make me reconsider about whether I should go for a master degree or not. I want to consult with more people before making such decision…

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