2/3 Way done – #4

It feels like summer is coming to an end even though there is still about a month left to enjoy before entering what is my last year of undergraduate schooling! I am actually slightly disappointed to say that phrase but at the same time, I have been waiting my whole life for it. I am also sad that summer is coming to a close because I enjoy working for Cribspot and seeing the people everyday. I would much rather have a full day of work than attend classes. Each day I go into work I am learning something new to do on the computer, usually dealing with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or a different program that we use to store information, or respond to tenants. I have also been working in the field out of the office giving tours to potential future tenants as well as collecting items left behind to take to the junk yard. My sense of working my way through Ann Arbor has increased dramatically since working with Cribspot because I am always driving to different properties that are scattered everywhere. Before working for this company I felt like I knew campus really well-but didn’t have a good understanding of the city of Ann Arbor itself because I am a transfer student. I’m looking forward to finishing up this internship strong and making it a great rest of the summer!

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