#6 Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

The three months of internship confirmed that I do want to be a software developer as I planned to. The internship taught me a lot about what the software developer actually does. Before the internship, I have only worked on projects for classes. Thus, I did not have a great idea of the real projects programmers work on in the industry. After interning at a company and meeting many software engineers, I learned that learning about different programming languages, different design patterns and acquiring different problem-solving skills interest me. Finishing the project that I designed successfully makes me feel accomplished and teaches me new lessons. I plan to come back to Amazon and keep gaining experiences and insights in the software development area. For the rest of my time at the University of Michigan, I want to take CS classes that are about new areas other than web development to keep explore different CS areas and find the ones that interest me. Also, I believe taking different CS classes broadens my horizons and perspective about software development. I wish to finish my bachelors of science degree successfully with good GPA and come back to Amazon with more knowledge and better coding skills. Next year, I will be taking classes about Database Management and User Interface. I wish to gain good knowledge about them and to be able to use them in the future.


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