A Summer to Remember

As I wrap up my internship experience, I am reflecting on my summer and my first ever real internship job, and the growth I experienced this summer.

Before this summer, I had only ever been at summer camp during the summers. Ever since I was ten years old, I knew what I would do every summer. When I stopped being a camper, I came back on staff for four years and outlasted most of friends at camp. In total, I spent 12 summers at camp, up to and including last summer, where I was an upcoming Junior in college.

This year, I knew I wanted to do something different over the summer, but I didn’t know exactly what. Even though I am going to be a senior, I still don’t exactly know what I want to do after graduation.

Everyone says you have to have a good internship going into senior year, but what does that even mean? For me, a “good internship” just means that I am enjoying my job and my summer, and not dreading going to work every day.

As my summer comes to a close, I can decidedly say that I had a “good internship.” This experience in Israel was everything I could have asked for. I made amazing new friends, traveled around the country, and got my first internship experience.

I learned about the startup culture of Israel and Tel Aviv specifically, and heard from various speakers and attended some cool events in stunning locales, like the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or the rooftop of the Wix headquarters, on the Tel Aviv port.

I immersed myself in the startup culture, and adapted to specific office. Like any job, there were aspects I liked more than others, but overall, I think I learned a lot about myself in terms of my work ethic, my role in an office, and how to communicate with other members of a team.

While I came to Israel primarily for my internship, what I will remember most about this summer are the memories I made with my new friends from the TAMID program. TAMID brought together over 200 students from campuses across the country, and I think the program did an exceptional job of providing us a memorable summer in Israel.

Between the formal programming, like trips to the south and the north, and speakers and shark tanks, to the informal events like a Fourth of July barbecue, TAMID was constantly putting us in the position to make memories. Of course, there were also the casual nights in my apartment, where my roommates and I would just spontaneously decide to go out and have a good time. Such is life when you stay in the middle of a city as energetic and buzzing as Tel Aviv.

I am forever tankful to TAMID, and to my internship company, myQuest, for allowing me to be a part of this incredible summer. Both in the office and out, I learned invaluable things about myself and others.

I am excited to hold these memories with me as I enter my final year at the University of Michigan. Experiencing and learning new things is what college is all about, and I’m proud to say I accomplished both of those goals this summer.

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