Blog #2 – Work Culture.

As I begin my internship, I recognize the significance of culture.  I work in media sales, and our main job is to connect with many companies to sell them advertising television air time.  As we work with many companies, it is very noticeable that every company has somewhat of a different culture than others.  As sales representatives, It is our job to work within these different cultures to help make the company feel comfortable to do business with our company.  In order to work with a diverse group of companies, we have to have a diverse group of sales representatives.  This allowed me to truly think what culture means to me.  I personally believe culture is knowledge, and culture is the world.  I believe culture is describing how one’s mind thinks, and how one’s body reacts.  As sales representatives, many of the employees at the company determine culture as comfortably or uncomfortably.  I honestly agree with the employees.  In considering my ideal work culture as a professional, I would want it to be diverse, because I know that will help me relate to society, and potentially help the company become a lot more successful due to a diverse group of thinkers.

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  • August 8, 2017 at 2:56 am

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight. I also believe that infiltrating and adapting to company cultures is by far the most important skill that an employee should have. When I was just starting to look for jobs, I sought the services of recruitment firm found in Makati and the headhunter that I encountered, at the course of the talk asked me if I am very adaptive or if I am a people’s person. At that time, I knew for sure that I am capable of being in good terms with the employees that I will be encountering. However, believe me when I tell you that if you think you can survive by just being silent and submissive to almost everyone, it wasn’t an assurance that you will fully be included in the company’s environment and the people in it.


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