Blog #3: Data

Ah every intern despises data. Because it’s usually just the stuff that gets thrown at us when no one else wants to deal with it. But how important is data? How can we use it? And how does it make businesses more efficient?

I spent a decent amount of my summer working on a Data Management Reconciliation project. In other words, I fixed our data. We have a customer tracking tool that came after we launched our platform, so not everything is perfectly aligned. Why not just leave it and pick it up from there? Well, then we can’t track who we’ve got and how we interact with them–that’s done on our customer tracking tool. So I went through combing line by line to make sure all the right people were correctly labeled in the right place. And alas, today I finished. Surprisingly enough, it was a pretty rewarding feeling.

Why, you might ask? Because I have now set up INTURN for future success and ease. I’ve made my boss’s life and my team’s lives significantly easier, as well as more accurate.

With good data comes good strategy. The better we know our customer and their needs/desires, the better we can match them with the right partner in our market place to do business. The more likely they are to do business, the more likely we are to make money.

Boom. Added value from combing data. Not all heroes wear capes.

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