Blog #3 – Value of Diversity.

There is lot of value in diversity.  As I recognize diversity, I understand it speaks to many different people from all different walks of life.  Diversity to me is very unique, and It can make a huge impact in a workplace.  This is connected to a strong array of different ideas, forming together, to create an ultimate goal. As an african american male, I recognize my identity plays a huge role into the potential success I can have as an employee of the company I’m interning with.  I recognize my diversity creates my identity, and that identity makes me unique.  In the workplace, there is only 15% of blacks who work in the business department, so as a black male, potential UofM graduate, and student athlete, my identity creates a picture of an all around, open minded man. This allows me to make open minded decisions in the workplace, helping me bring a lot of value to my company.  As I bring value to the company, I notice that my identity is a factor not only in the success of the company, but also in the body language and emotions around me.  I tend to be around people different than me appearance wise, and that creates either a more comfortable or uncomfortable environment for people.  Good or bad, these actions are connected to my identity in our society.

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