Blog 5. Cryospa Detroit

As a croytherapy technician there are a lot of responsibilities. Whether it is the steps you have to take getting the machines ready for the clients to use or going through the safety persuasions, making sure every client gets the most out of there experience with the cryotherapy machine. There are many obstacles that I have had to overcome like forgetting the next step in running the machines or not drying the machine in time for it to be ready for our next therapy appointment. So far I would say the biggest obstacle that I have had to face was not knowing every thing I can about the machine. A lot of what I do in my internship is taking our portable machine to different gyms, chiropractors offices, conventions and much more, so I am always having to answer peoples questions. Especially when it comes to “why they should use our machine” and not just take an ice bath or not do anything at all. The obstacle I faced was not knowing a lot of the questions people were asking and thus, leading to me not being able to get new clients from the company. I think I handled the situation well because I went back and learned everything I could about the machine and later on called all those clients back and apologized for not knowing and re answered there questions. I might have lost some sales but I think I gained a good experience from this as well as made a good name for myself calling them back and showing them that I care about our product.

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