#5 Overcoming Obstacles

I think one of the obstacles I faced during the internship is getting familiar with the company’s environment. Because it was my first internship and I have not had an exposure to the industry, I was not sure what my experience will be like. In the beginning, I had a Bootcamp that taught interns the internal tools and company environments. However, it still took a while to learn them. I had to ask help from mentors about the internal terms and the usages. For example, there are several coding style rules for the team. I had made several mistakes in the beginning because I was not used to their ways. I had to keep practicing to get used to the rules and to learn how to fulfill my roles as an intern. Another example of the challenge is that I learned to ask many questions. At first, I felt bad asking many questions to the teammates because I felt that I was interrupting them. However, I realized the more questions I ask, the more I learn, and my teammates encouraged me to ask many questions.

The internship involved practicing norms that I have never experienced before. Thanks to my mentor, I quickly adpated to the company’s environments and cultures.

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