Blog 6. Cryospa Detroit

I think my internship with Cryospa Detroit did sway me in the right path. Working for Cryospa Detroit I have had the opportunity to understand the business side of a small company that is trying to expand into a bigger market. As of now I want to do something in the business world and I think that this internship has been a great experience in that aspect because I have had to do many tasks that have made me act as if I was the owner of this company. Another thing that has made this experience great is that I have been able to work with athletes. Being an athlete I understand that one day my career will end and that I would possibly want to work on the other side of the sporting world. So this internship has opened me up to the business side of sports and I have learned so much and have made many great connections. As for what are the next steps that I am going to take is take more business and marketing classes to learn more about how to become successful in that type of setting, as well as try to get an internship every summer until I graduate so I continue learning hands on not only in the classroom.

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