Blog Post #2-What have you learned about the city in which you are working? Would you like to return?

As I discussed in my first blog post, I am interning at a company called World Sport Chicago. As the name would suggest, it is based in Chicago. The biggest thing that has surprised me about the city is that the majority of the people are super friendly. This is probably the most important thing for me when I am looking for a city to live in. The weather is important to me and it needs to have a lot of things to do; but most importantly it needs to have friendly people. The people are what make a city for me, and if the people aren’t nice, then I wouldn’t enjoy myself. I would probably be very miserable. That is why even though Chicago is the third biggest city in America, it still doesn’t feel like a big city. People are really nice and in some ways it has a really “caring” feel. I know that’s really weird to say, but that has been my observation.

I would definitely like to return to Chicago after graduation. Not only are there tons of other Michigan alumni in the area and the weather is not too hot for me, but also it is still in the Midwest like Michigan. Chicago has a lot to do and I could definitely see myself returning here. Obviously this would all be contingent on me having a job here, but if the opportunity presented itself, I would absolutely want to live in Chicago again.

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