Blog Post #4 – Laws & Regulated Schedules

Day 16: We were lied to. But to be fair, they didn’t know either. Our campaign managers sat all the interns down one morning and informed us that they had met with the candidate’s lawyer. “Taking a closer look into recently changed election laws, we now only require 300 valid signatures from democrats in the district in order to get on the ballot.”

On one hand, we had enough signatures to guarantee a place on the ballot. On the other, we had been canvassing hardcore these past two weeks, when we had had enough. Even after this meeting, we were going and gathering signatures. Getting our candidate’s name out there was of the utmost importance, but canvassing was a daily routine, and we were standing outside in 90-degree heat for hours at a time. Hydration was key, but we couldn’t drink any more H20 or coffee to stay at our maximum friendly and energetic canvasser mode. Both of our managers had ample experience doing this, so it seemed to come naturally. Emulating was hard, especially when I’d only been doing it for way less time.

Otherwise, I’m about more than a month into work, and I feel like I have a handle on it. I don’t need to ask a dozen questions to make sure I’m doing this right, if I’m on the right Google Doc, or doing something wrong. As the team expanded, I met more people, and it was nice being given tasks with others. Play well with others? Check. I’ve definitely learned about balancing individual and team work, a skill that I’m guaranteed to use in the future. Though I’m grateful for the opportunity and time I’m spending at my internship, I head home, groaning about subways delays and traffic. It’s tiring but good, sweaty but satisfying.

One thought on “Blog Post #4 – Laws & Regulated Schedules

  • August 7, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    Time-wasting…or character building? Sometimes it’s hard to tell! Good job on toughing through it!


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