Blog Post 5

Connor Schram

Blog Post 5: Overcoming obstacles

ALA 225

My summer internship at Sharper Image has thrown some projects at me that I have not had too much experience in. Whether it was familiarizing myself with legal aspects of programs like warranties, developing a better knowledge of front end and back end coding integrations, or furthering my knowledge of excel, I truly felt challenged while working. When challenged, I made sure to do a number things prior to beginning a project. The most important objective was asking questions. Prior to starting a project, I made sure to ask and cover all initial concerns that I had. I was lucky to have a very patient staff around me so when a concern did come up during my work, I was able to ask more questions for clarification. Outside of the staff resources around me I used the web to problem solve. Especially with tools within excel, I found some websites that could give me step by step directions for achieving whatever I needed.

I really did not have a specific project that tripped me up. I was not handed anything unrealistic, and every project that I completed from intrinsic initiative, I made sure to challenge myself realistically. At this point my supervisors are happy with my work and go to me for more insights. I think my biggest challenge this entire internship was trying to make my voice more heard within the work environment. By taking initiative, working on anything I could get my hands on, and through attending basically every meeting with every department in the office, I believe I tackled the challenge. I look forward to the rest of my time here.


Connor Schram

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