My career path | #6

As my internship at Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment is winding down in this last week I want to take the chance to talk about all the progress I have made as well as my future goals. Starting this position, I promised myself I would take this opportunity as a learning experience, to make connections and to hopefully develop a stronger sense of what I wanted my future to look like. Thankfully, all of the goals that I set out for myself were achieved.

In the beginning I knew nothing about sales, which was somewhat of an uneasy feeling for someone about to be going into a 10 week sales and marketing internship. Instead of taking this opportunity to discourage myself I decided to go into this hoping to learn something. This experience, and my supervisors, went above and beyond all my expectations, helping me decide what I want to do later in life. My internship only reaffirmed my interests and making me more confident in my career choice. Although I may want to stray more into the entertainment and music side of this industry, working in the sports side created a skillset that I will use in the future.

My next goal that I set for myself was to make connections. As I continued through the internship I met many people, hoping that someone can guide me in a career toward entertainment and music marketing/ sales. Through many informational interviews with vice presidents and managers, I found someone who will be my mentor in my career. This person, the VP of Marketing, has already given me so much insight into a career in entertainment marketing. This new relationship has given me an opportunity to expand my network.

In my future I plan to take the skills that I learned in this internship and apply them to any job, whether that be the ones I apply to during the fall semester at the university of Michigan, or next summer hopefully back in New York City. Overall this experience has taught me to keep setting goals, and when those goals are accomplished reach for new ones. I am confident in my career path thanks to this summer.

At school this semester I am taking more marketing and sales based classes to further my studies in that industry. I will be applying my new skills to not only in my course work but also in my extracurricular activities. I plan on continuing to apply to on campus internships and jobs in the fall, as well as getting more involved in the clubs that I am a member of.

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