Connecting the Experience with Academics | #6

This internship has given me good insight into the path I want to pursue for a full-time job. I was interested in this line of work since freshman year and this internship confirmed my fascination towards it. The frontend responsibility I received during my 10 weeks at the company excited me the most. The amount of exposure you get to other industries in our economy is a great learning experience for general knowledge, while getting more technical and specialized skills in economic consulting. The passion, to learn new concepts and work with new technology, that I saw in my internship, motivated me to pursue that extra mile when it comes to the classroom and news around the world. A big suggestion I received from all my seniors was that to do well in consulting, you have to be on top of the news and technology being introduced in the world. The methodology of work changes rapidly with change in the world, however there are a few basic skills such as excel that will probably remain in the industry for a long time. My goal for the next year is to refine my excel skills through an excel class, to develop my report writing skills through either an economics or English class, and to enjoy my last year in college! Networking will be a huge part of senior year, since going back to graduate school remains the biggest goal for me over the next five years. I am excited to approach my final year with these goals in mind.

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