Embrace the diversity #1

It has been five weeks since I came to India, which passed like 5 days. I am working as a software engineer in GetSimpl company, which focus on an electronic payment and brings us the idea — Buy now, Pay later.

I have experienced three periods during this time — getting accustomed to the new life, understanding a different culture, mastering my own life. I still remembered the first day I was in Bangalore, when the uber driver took me from the aiport to my residence, he kept talking to me in Hindi, which really made me feel nervous and helpless. Fortunately, he was patient enough to understand me by my body language and some English key words. It was really interesting to see how everything you know seems to be flipped around in India, especially when shaking head means agreeing and following left during driving. But my host was really nice and helped me calm down. We went out dinner in Phobidden together with some employees and Guillermo, who is also interning here as a data analyst. We talked a lot about the cultural difference between US, India and China, which helped me better understand this country.

As the sillicon valley in Asia, Bangalore is full of nightlife and bars. Sometimes there could be some indoor live music concerts. We have ever been to Bflat to enjoy the soulmate and we really had a obscenely awesome evening. Indian people are long known for their humor and dance because of the Bollywood films, it would be really interesting to witness it in the bars. There is also a famous chain brewpub called Arbor Brewing Company here, which also has a branch pub in Ann Arbor. This is exactly the place where we held our michigan reunion of summer interns. I was really proud of my school when I stepped in our meeting room and saw the big ‘Welcome Wolverine’ on the whiteboard at the entrance. It was amazing to get to know other michigan students who were also interning here and some of our alumni who shared their own experience of how to succeed.

I have to admit that one month and a half may really not be enough for a software internship. I was keeping learning new stuff during the first few weeks — Ruby on Rails, Cassandra database, Python Flask, Kong, etc, which were quite different from what we have learned in EECS courses and I had to figure them out by reading through the tutorials on my own. But I was really lucky to get help and useful suggestions from my peers, they helped me get through this hard time and I am now able to accept something new in a really short time. Then I was able to pick up some real tasks, which really take time since all the real productions have to be tested in sandbox and deployed afterwards. I have successfully helped build up an API gateway and am working on building a new feature for our app. India is really a great place to learn IT, where you will find a lot of useful tutorials recommended by Indian google.

I also traveled a lot during this period together with Guillermo. We went to Hampi with our hosts and Delhi at weekends. Hampi is really worth a visit as it is a village and temple town recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jakie chan shoot the movie called The Myth here and I was really shocked by the ancient monument and stones. We borrowed bikes for two days and toured around the city. In Delhi, we visited Indian gate, Humayun’s Tomb,Qutub Minar and some other historical sites. We also took an early train to Gurugram to visit the Taj mahal and Red Fort for a day trip. I was also really impressed by the northern food here, like butter chicken, Kadai chicken, etc. I was really surprised to see how they can cook chicken in different ways.

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  • August 8, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Hi Xiaotian, thanks for a great reflection. I appreciate the way you described the phases of culture shock, bridging differences, then becoming more confident in your work and travels. It’s amazing how quickly five weeks have passed, and how much has changed in that short period of time!


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