End of Internship | Blog #5

My internship has come to an end, but the work on my project has not been completed yet. Since my research mentor and I are preparing to publish my work from this summer, I get to spend the next 3-4 weeks working remotely and learning how to write-up a paper on my work. When looking back on this entire summer, I believe I have made monumental strides in understanding my school, career, and personal plans.

When it comes to my school and career plans, I think my internship has helped me gain a better understanding of my career trajectory. I was able to learn some more statistical programming and perform data analysis, both skills that interest me greatly. I now think I have a better sense of the types of job roles I am looking for after I graduate as well as the industries to consider working at. Broadly, I hope to find a job that involves a mix of data analysis and coding that relates to healthcare. I plan on pursuing graduate school after I work a little because I believe it will give me a more clear idea of what I want to study further.

Additionally, while in New York City, I made a list of different activities to do in the city and places to eat. I was able to accomplish a lot of these tasks on my to-do list and gain a better understanding of my personal interests and goals. I did things like bike across Queensboro Bridge, participate in my first Hackathon, visit the Museum of Modern Art (I’m a huge fan of modern and contemporary art), and eat poke bowls for the first time, among other things. I’ve gained a better sense of who I am, what I am interested in, and what things I would like to achieve outside of my career. I’ve also been able to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone, something that I appreciate and that I’m still trying to work on. Overall, this internship experience has given me the personal growth I’ve been looking for and given me more guidance as I make my post-graduation plans this upcoming schoolyear.

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