Expectation vs. Reality | #4

When I accepted my position as a Software Intern at Celsee Diagnostics, I expected that I would be writing and debugging code most of the time, but to my surprise, I’ve only spent about half of my time doing that so far.

For most of my internship, I feel like I’ve been in more of a “software support” role; I have helped standardize the company’s software installation process, helped set up a server and migrate code, and even got a chance to create some logos and icons for our software programs. All of the projects and tasks my supervisor has given me are important, I just didn’t expect that so many of them wouldn’t involve writing code.

On the other hand, I have had opportunities to write code when I thought I wouldn’t. My supervisor wanted me to find or create something they could use to track software issues. After researching and testing several expensive and complicated issue tracking programs, I decided to create a simple, customized one using Google Forms and Google Sheets. After our customers fill out a short form to report a bug, the information gets put into our spreadsheet and our software engineers can start working on it. The best part is that I was able to incorporate some JavaScript-like code to improve it (Google Sheets has a “Script Editor” which allows you to write code for a spreadsheet). The code I wrote automatically sends confirmation emails to customers after they report a bug, it sends an email to our software engineers to inform them that a new ticket has been opened, and it even creates a weekly summary report to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

My expectations thus far have been much different than reality; I didn’t realize that there were so many other things I might have to do–especially since I’m working for a young company. It’s definitely been a fun and educational experience so far!

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