Explore Opportunities of Interest | Informational Interview #1

For my first informational interview, I spoke with the Senior Analyst at the firm that I work for. He is only around five years older than me and happens to be a graduate from the Ross School of Business. Throughout the summer, he was my direct report and delegated most of my workflow. I have gotten to know him quite well over the span of my internship, and wanted to take a deeper dive into his work history and what lead him to his current position as well as asking for advise in my early professional career. After interviewing him, two pieces of advise really stood out to me. One, he stressed the importance of expanding your network everywhere you go, and how much of an advantage it is to have a strong network. He believes that what sets him apart from his peers is that he is better connected than most people at his age. From working at a hedge fund, to a credit card company, to investment banking, and now a middle market investing firm, he has connections in many different sectors and claims he is 1-2 phone calls away from advice in a specific field or a contact at a bank, or solving problems in most endeavors in the financial world. Another valuable thing that he told me was to be constantly “self digging” and trying to figure out what interests you most. He said whether at an internship or in school, to be looking for different avenues, potential employment paths, or subjects that not only fit your skill set, but also fit your likes and dislikes. If something intrigues you, go out of your way to research it and use the resources available to you. These resources could be people in your network, career counseling, university resources, or whatever you see fit to educate yourself on these interests. He says as you explore more fields and subjects, it allows you to one, better determine your own career path, and two educates yourself to make you a more well rounded individual. He claims that he is constantly self digging and trying to determine the next steps in his career. I asked him what stressed him out most about his job, and he claims that his current job was not his main stressor, but finding the next chapter of his career was.

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