Focusing on the Big Picture #6

Individual identities are an important concept to understand in the event industry. In order to adequately understand a client’s requests and needs, you must be able to read the client’s characteristics. This also requires a personal understanding of yourself. Being able to read my own strengths and weaknesses has helped me to communicate better to the clients I come in contact with, and my own boss.

In general, I am not someone who likes to be pushed around and will usually speak up if I feel disrespected. However, in a work environment, this cannot be the case. At most events, guests will not think twice about being rude to the staff, and it is our job to accept that and still provide 5-star service. I have had to develop a tougher skin, and prepare myself to swallow any frustration I encounter.

While it is not always easy to accept being treated badly, in the end, a successful event feels way better than confronting a rude guest or two. It is important for me to focus on getting the job done, and the end result, instead of letting a sensitive personality trait get in the way of success. I think understanding this in the realm of work has also helped me to better understand myself in my general life, because it has shown me that focusing on the big picture instead of getting caught up in the little things will lead to a better end result.

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