Informational Interview | #1

For my first informational interview, I decided to connect with a current employee of the company I’m interning at, New York Life. This employee, M, works in a different field from what I’m interning in right now, but it’s an area I’m interested in. He is a data scientist and has a lot of experience in this field. He has been through many different companies and has switched career paths early on.

I went into this interview thinking I would learn more about his role and what he does, but instead I ended up getting a lot of career advice and life advice in general, which was more valuable for me. M talked about his background majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and then going on to get an MBA in finance and starting his career in Wall St. He talked about his experiences and how he ended up at New York Life and what it’s like working in his department.

M also asked me about my background and interests, and gave me useful advice based off that. M is a really nice and genuine person, and I could tell that he really cared about my future. He could sense the uncertainty that I have this early on, and gave me advice that I can act on. I will listen to his advice and consider it as I go on studying at the University of Michigan and even after I graduate. This informational interview was informative and I’m glad I was able to talk with M.

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