Informational Interview #1- In Work

After watching the video on informational interviews I have to say I was very excited to actually conduct one. However, found it extremely difficult to pick a colleague to interview. My organization is very small. There are a total of 9 workers here, with two of them being supervisors. I initially wanted to interview my supervisor but he is rarely there when I am working. Then I considered interviewing the team manager but decided that it may be more beneficial to interview one of my colleagues.

Out of all my colleagues I decided to ask R to sit down for a bit and chat. The reason I picked him was I knew he had a background in forensics. The thing about working in charity work in the U.K. is the vast range of backgrounds the workers come from. Most of them sort of fall into service work. Usually the workers are in their late 30s and 40s and wanted a break from typical jobs such as banking or law. However, for R, he wanted a break from probation and the prison system but still wanted to work in a similar field so he chose addiction work.

I thought my interview would be more formal, however, R gave me amazing advice and career coaching. He asked me about my passions and what I was studying and gave me good advice on how to mesh the two together. He also got me in touch with the probation office that one of our other colleagues works at so I could shadow a psychologist there. Since the interview, he has become sort of a mentor to me. Often very eager to answer my questions and help ensure that I continue to get more responsibility in my internship. I never realized how beneficial a simple informational interview could be until I interviewed R.

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  • August 14, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    It sounds like you developed a great connection!


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