Mcubed Reception – A Rewarding Experience #3

Last week I attended the Mcubed wrap-up event – the Mcubed reception. Although my mentor and sponsor were not able to attend due to a schedule conflict, the reception was still undoubtedly a memorable experience. My project partners and I arrived early to Union, where the event was held. We were able to sit in the middle of the room with a great view of the speakers.

Many Mcubed mentors and mentees attended the reception

The event started off with amazing food and beverages. The big screen displayed students’ quotes from their summer blogs about the program and their opinions about research. I patiently read through most of them. A lot of these quotes described the transformation they experienced as researchers: from being novice not knowing where to get started to being experienced and skilled. I personally sympathize with many of these comments. Later, after Mcubed speakers spoke about the significance and success of the program this summer, each group had a representative speak about their personal experience. I had the honor to represent my group. I shared with the whole room my experience as a computer science researcher. I talked about the differences between my research setting and those of social and life science research. Lastly, we received our end-of-program certificates. I felt accomplished upon receiving the certificate.

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