Multi-multi-multitasking | #2

I’m pretty woefully behind on my blogging this summer. I suppose my body was sacrificed as tribute to the Solstice Gods because I was chosen to get a nasty summer cold while everybody else has been having fun going on weekend trips up north or going tubing on the Huron River. So while most days it’s a struggle to stay organized, I had many days where it was a struggle to stay awake (a battle I lost frequently).

Meanwhile, the projects that I’ve been working on at WCBN, the campus radio station, have waxed mighty in number during my period of illness, leading to an administrative nightmare challenge. I have the freedom of control over most of my jobs here, but I’m also collaborating with quite a few other people on a number of things. The former leads to issues in time management, the second leads to issues in coordination. Issues that, when mastered, can lead to some pretty awesome things.

One of my personal projects is supplying every DJ with an infographic for their show, which can be shared online or used in posters and other media. This involves working individually with over 20 people…each who have different tastes and levels of involvement. My spreadsheet for this job is nothing to be sniffed at.

Other things that I have been doing jointly with the high school interns and other volunteers involve a lot of PR. I’ve hosted a table at freshmen orientation fairs and handed out stickers and fliers, I’ve helped create posters and spread them around campus and coffee shops, and I’ve helped to redecorate the hallway outside WCBN to help make it seem more inviting.

One of the most intensive collaborative projects is our new bi-weekly newsletter. The process for this involves asking for shareable info from DJs and volunteers, consolidating that info, gathering and making image content, jointly editing an email template till everything is perfect, then sending it off to over 1000 subscribers. Luckily, my English major experience makes me adept at proofreading, and I’ve always had a knack for simple design.

I made this and similar banners in Powerpoint…the poor man’s Photoshop.

But that isn’t all. One of the directors decided I’d be the most adept person to take on the task of managing the archives for one of WCBN’s most prominent shows, meaning I’ll be working with a whole new set of people and developing skills in the realm of LSA WordPress websites. So far I haven’t gotten much done on this, but as the flurry settles I hope I validate their faith in me. On the advice of a friend, I’m implementing the bullet journal system to help keep my task list organized. Hopefully I can keep the chaos at bay!

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