On The Campaign Trail | Blog Post #3

I’ve been at my internship for a few months now, and along the process, while we’ve been doing so much good work on this campaign, I’ve gotten to speak with so many voters across the state (I say across the state, I mean mostly within a 50 mile radius of our campaign headquarters because that’s about as far as my car can go, but we do have interns across the state). From my perspective, these people are the reason why I do any of what I do. I’ve spoken to people who are concerned about the future of their health insurance, their children’s education, their mortgages and debt and environment and so much more. So many people are living in a constant state of anxiety, because there’s so much wrong with the world that’s out of their hands, and so many opportunities for someone to pull the rug out from underneath them.

I understand fully what that’s like. I feel like that’s part of why I’m so drawn to this line of work, because I always felt the need to do something about it. Not just for myself, but for my community. And the more time I spend on the campaign trail and the more I have these interactions with folks, the more it drives that feeling home for me. Not that the entire world is on my shoulders, but that I have the power and the desire to do something to heal it.

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