Overcoming Obstacles- Blog 5

During my time at my internship, there have been a few changes in the office in terms of employees coming and going. That being said, it has been a bit challenging when it comes to working with the new employees as an intern. Because the new employees started after I did, there have been situations in which I, the intern, know more about work processes within the company and the company itself than the new associates who happen to also be my superiors. It has been hard because I do not ever want to overstep my position as an intern. I want to respect those who work above me. There have been instances where I have to take control of the situation because the newer employee does not know how things work in the office. While the situations in which I have had to take control have not been important and essential to the success of the company, and have just consisted of contact problems with other vendors and merchandise send out inefficiencies, I have had to overcome the idea that I may know more than newer employees, even as an intern. In order to be successful in overcoming this obstacle I have tried to just teach the newer associates what I know as I do things, in the most respectful way possible, so that they will know what to do in the future.

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