Retail Marketing – The Path For Me (?) | #6

This summer, I’ve had yet another experience in Retail Marketing. Though I have had past experiences in this field, interestingly enough, all of them have been unique and different. Though up until this summer I was unsure of why this was, I now know the drastic differences I had noticed (such as marketing strategies,) can be attributed to the ever changing nature of the world. As we continue to modernize, the needs of markets shift, causing there to be a variety of focuses for different brands and markets. For example, while one company must focus on heavily advertising on billboards (if they’re trying to drive a New York market, for example,) another may try to appeal to a global market through digital advertisements that target users based on browser history. Though there is nothing wrong with pursuing one approach over the other, each strategy requires a dramatically different skillset than the other (both of which are equally important).

As someone who has had extensive experience brainstorming, researching and executing in-store experiences curated to attract a variety of clients, I have found myself more interested in the ecommerce side of marketing this summer. Thus, though I do enjoy retail marketing, I am curious as to what else this department can offer that goes beyond my knowledge and experiences. In my remaining time at Michigan, I hope to explore these digital aspects of marketing to see if it’s a better fit for my interests moving forward. While I am not quite sure how to do this, I hope to engage with as many students, professors and clubs as possible to figure it out!

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