Revision Process | Blog Post #4

The professional highlight of my internship has been strengthening my writing skills through the revision process. Each week, I complete a long-form essay of over 2000 words in length to be edited by the editor of my publication. The pieces are submitted on Fridays and on Mondays I have a one-on-one discussion with the editor to go over the essay I worked on. Although this is an intimidating experience, almost everything I learned this summer about writing and editing occurred in  the revision sessions I had with my editor while looking over his annotations.

It can be tough to have your work critiqued, but if you are able to approach the revision process as a learning opportunity, the experience is truly rewarding. Your editor is there to elevate your writing to its highest potential and that can only come about by taking an honest approach to your work, and making necessary changes. Almost any piece can be improved upon by further editing so each revision session has value.

When hearing the critique, it is important to realize that the work is separate from yourself as a person–criticisms of the work aren’t meant to diminish your own perspectives and thoughts. Although you wrote something you are possibly proud of, your value as a writer or individual isn’t bound up in that single work, so any criticism should be taken graciously rather than negatively.

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