The Mid-Point Check

Though I was only able to enjoy my internship experience for a short amount of time I feel as though there was a successful progression in my time there. At the mid-point I did reevaluate my goals that I had set out to accomplish and believe that I had made significant progress on all of them. The main goal in terms of the company was to help the company in terms of business operations as they were more experienced in other areas as a technological start-up. In week two of my internship I was given the opportunity to review the business plan and financial breakdown of the company. It was very enlightening not only to see what their future plans are but also to see where they plan to allocate the funds that they have available. After reviewing these documents at length I sat down with the CEO and spoke about how I felt regarding the trajectory of the business, and offered my insight specifically to try and move the break-even date up. At that point I felt like I had really made a positive impact in the position that I had within the company and was proud of the work I had done. One area that I knew I could continue to improve on, however, was in communication amongst all members of the business as I still found difficulty at times with the cultural differences between us. That surely changed over time but I definitely had to put some extra effort into making that a success.

One thought on “The Mid-Point Check

  • August 7, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Being able to review the business plan and connect with the CEO about next steps is an incredible professional opportunity!

    I’m curious about the cultural differences that you had mentioned and the types of strategies you applied in order to ensure success. Are there any you would like to share with fellow LSA interns?


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