The Obstacle of Excel | #5

In my computer, there are six different hard drives; within those drives are thousands of folders housing hundreds of thousands of important files and documents. In addition to maintaining my own folder, I mainly work in my supervisor’s folder. Though most of the files that I need are either in said folder or sent to me directly, sometimes, there are bigger files that are kept elsewhere. One of these files is an excel document that functions as Theory’s Event Sales Tracker, which the whole Marketing team uses to track information such as the sales goal, discount offered, cost,  # of transactions during event, payouts, ROIs, etc.

After having worked at Theory for nearly seven weeks, my supervisor trusted me enough to begin inputting information, checking formulas and calculating sales totals from the 2017 season.  I confidently went into a folder, opened the spreadsheet and did exactly what was asked of me. It wasn’t until I was asked to go back and further update the spreadsheet a couple days later that I realized I had done something wrong. It turns out that there were two different copies of the Event Sales Tracker, and I had spent hours updating the wrong one. Though I was initially embarrassed to admit my mistake, I told my supervisor what had happened, and worked for the rest of the day to fix the error. While this was not an overwhelmingly grandiose mistake to correct, it was a big stepping stone in my eyes, as I was forced to step back and acknowledge that I had been moving too fast. Rather than being both efficient with my time and diligent, I was solely focused on getting things done quickly which, in turn, made me inefficient with my time (as I had to go back and re-edit my work). It is this tradeoff between speed and thoughtfulness that I have tried to balance during my time here. In hindsight, my mistake realization was an important one that will change the way I go about working for the rest of my professional life.

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