The Obstacle of Language

Over the course of my internship in Rome there really were not too many hiccups. We really worked well together, got along with everyone, and eventually came to understand how everyone worked best. I suppose that the key word in that is “eventually” though as my biggest struggle and temporary failure came from understanding certain expectations and work habits of those within the business. I feel as though this is a very natural difficulty to have in a situation like mine, specifically because of the language barrier of an international internship. The struggle would come for me when instruction was being given and to be completely honest I just would not understand the English that my supervisor or head of the company would be saying. So I would try to decipher to the best of my ability what to do from what I understood, but most of the time this would not be sufficient. This is where the so called “failure” would come in. This failure, however, taught me an extremely valuable lesson in regards to clarification. It is truly all right to ask questions until you fully understand the scope of the work that needs to be done as this is what I was forced to do. As a result I did much better work in comparison to when I was guessing at what the task was strictly due to the fact that I knew every detail that was being asked of me in the jobs that I was assigned. This is undoubtedly something I will hold with me in whatever venture I plan to enter in my future.

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