Weeks 10-12 with MDOT (Blog Post #4)

These three weeks were busy but not rushed at all.  I had plenty to do but didn’t feel the stress of needing to get it done immediately so that was a nice change of pace.

During this time, I attended 3 different major meetings and took notes.  One of these meetings was a US-23 Flex Route Progress meeting.  Flex routes are new routes that will restrict/allow certain lanes at different times and this meeting was to make sure the progress on this project is still on schedule.  Another meeting was the US-127 Plan Review Meeting.  This was important to attend just to get a feel for how a more engineering oriented planning meeting goes.  Lastly, there was an I-94 from M-14 to US-23 modeling review which was important in giving me the actual planners perspective on projects.

Work duties involved locating structures along I-94 that allow for water drainage from the roadway, updating planning sheets so that the plans mirror the current project trajectory, and beginning construction quantities.  Construction quantities is basically just doing measurements to see how much concrete and asphalt will be needed during the project.

During this time, there were another 2 introductory engineering courses held at my office.  One was a class about pavement- what makes up pavement, why those materials were chosen, and other important information about pavement like life span and such.  The other course was about Soil Erosion, Sedimentation Control and Stormwater.  I have enjoyed the other classes, but they were all mainly civil engineering focused.  I am a civil engineering intern but my actual major is environmental engineering so this last class has been my favorite.  This class taught us concepts like the difference between erosion and sedimentation, safe practices to keep waterways from encountering run off and sewage, some of the federal agencies that MDOT works with and why it is important to work with them.

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