#4 A Walk In the Woods

My favorite part of my internship at CAN this summer was when we took the kids on a nature walk. It was spontaneous and the beautiful weather made it all the more enjoyable. Although having a routine is good for the kids and nice for us when we plan out the day, it can be very rejuvenating as a group to get out in nature and explore. We talked about different types of trees, animals, and our surroundings. Without being too purposeful about it (so the kids wouldn’t get bored), we were able to teach them a little about nature. Since we were learning about our surroundings, this allowed the campers to use their tactile learning, which many kids prefer to visual and audio learning.

This nature walk was also a way for us to bond with the kids more, because we got to talk about how we explored nature as kids. When we came upon this huge fort, everyone wanted a picture in it. It was probably 12 feet tall. It was really cool to see, and reminded me of when I would build forts with my friends and siblings. This walk was easily my favorite part of working at CAN, because it allowed me to bond more with the kids by sharing memories with them and it brought us out into nature.

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