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In the beginning of the summer I received an internship from Steiner Studio’s, one of the most prestigious production companies in New York. I was to be a production assistant on sets, in a sense the “tech guy”. I’ve never been great with the production aspect, I’m pretty inept at that side of television. Truly, I love to write. As well as communications, I am a Screen Arts and Cultures major. I worked for WOLV TVs news department and really found my home there. On my first day at Steiner I realized that I couldn’t fake my dislike for production. At lunch I called another job who wanted to hire me, a  local access community station in New York. I asked if the position was still open for the summer. She was delighted and said I could be the lead reporter. I quit Steiner after that and took the train straight to LMC-TV to begin working as a reporter. I have my first shoot tomorrow. I am going to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

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